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We have been breeding Ragdolls since 2007 and all of our Ragdoll kittens are family raised and come with their shots and worming. All of our adult Ragdolls are grandchildren of champions but we only sell our kittens for pets without the TICA papers.

The early 1960s saw the spread of the Ragdoll breed in America. During the same time, a breeding pair of the Ragdoll cats was sent to United Kingdom. Following the first export, another 8 cats were sent to United Kingdom, which marked the final establishment of the breed in United Kingdom. Governing Council of the Cat Fancy recognizes the Ragdolls in United Kingdom.

IRCA Lost Again:

In 1994, another group from IRCA decided to leave IRCA because they believe that breeding restrictions were way too stringent. The group established a breed by the name Ragamuffin because they were unable to pick up the name “Ragdoll” which was patented and trademarked.

Some Traits of Ragdolls:

  • Go limp: The Ragdoll breed of cats love when they are held by humans. When held, they go limp. However, not all will do the same but most of the Ragdolls will have this trait.
  • Socializing and people oriented: Ragdoll cats are very people oriented. They love people and they will like to interact with everyone around them. However, if you are not really a kind of a person who loves hovering cats; Ragdolls will be annoying for you.
  • Playful and gentle: Many people hold the notion that since Ragdolls are very gentle cats and since they are very calm, they will not be playful. That is not true. Ragdolls are calm but they are very playful as well. Drop a ball in front of them and they will not sit quiet. They will kick the ball and play with it all around the house but at the same time, they will ensure that they are not rough. They will preserve their gentleness even when they are playing.
  • Small place: Generally, cats do not stay confined in small areas. They love to explore and it is difficult to keep them in a small place. This is why it is said that cats have staff while dogs have masters. However, this is not true in case of Ragdolls. They will not leave the small apartment/house unless they are not introduced to the vastness of outdoors. They will simply stay relaxed indoors and will not bother about going outside.
  • They learn: Ragdolls are very intelligent breed of cats. They can learn a few tricks like shaking hands, fetching and they will even retrieve toys. Teaching Ragdolls a few tricks can be very interesting and the owner can enjoy a lot.
  • Not destructive: Ragdolls don’t love jumping up on walls and tables and curtains. They don’t love scratching things as well. They love to stay at ground level and enjoy relaxing.
  • Grooming: The plush coat that they have does not require too much of grooming. The coats of Ragdolls do not mat so easily. The coats are light and fine and do not have a tendency of getting caught in furniture fibers.

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People believe that the floppy and docile nature of the Ragdolls comes from the passed down characteristics of Birman and Persian breeds. However, there are people who think that these features are nothing but features that resulted from genetic mutation. No matter what, Ragdolls are the most popular domestic breed of cats in the whole world. Ragdoll cats are very much like dogs. They always love to stay close to the owner as if they feel that urge, the incessant need to make their owners happy.

Because they can be trained to do things, Ragdoll cats are the only cat breed which can compete with dogs. They are very loud purrers when they are held on lap and cuddled. They are hardly found to be using their claws because they are not fighting cats. They love it when their chin and tummy are rubbed. Because the Ragdoll cats are mischievous and inquisitive and because they are gentle and placid and because they are very social, they are perfect companions for both children and adults alike. However, the Ragdoll cats are vulnerable to several types of ailments which require close attention and veterinary help. Make sure that you take you Ragdoll cat to vet every year at least once and you can buy supplies for your Ragdoll kittens at